Solid pieces: the comeback of a classic with a modern twist

Also in the world of personal care products and cosmetics, sustainability now plays a key role. This is where solid pieces with paper packaging come into play. You don’t just save a vast amount of plastic packaging from ending up with end customer; you are also more sparing when applying the product, as this has a much higher concentration than the liquid counterpart. This means that your shower gel pieces can replace up to three bottles of liquid shower gel. The savings made from not having to transport water and packaging amount to a reduction of CO2 emissions and costs.

No matter whether soap, shampoo, shower gel, solid deodorant, face masks, foot creams, shaving foam or other personal care products. Szaidel Cosmetics also allows you to manufacture your product as a solid piece. We will support you with our 360° full service – from development to manufacture, and right up to your high-quality, packaged end product. We can identify trends early on, which allows us to implement pioneering concepts again and again, and we can let our wealth of experience influence your project. Based on our special manufacturing process, we have the option of adding a lipid-replenishing part to our recipes. When compared to conventionally pressed pieces, this means that even our formulas containing surfactants offer a very high degree of nourishment, protecting skin and hair from drying out. Customer-specific formats and logo branding will make your product unique.