At Szaidel Cosmetics, we’re thinking #green. Sustainable recycling concepts in the value chain

Last month, a delegation from our environment and sustainability team visited a waste disposal company in the region, SÜD-MÜLL GmbH & CO. KG.

Various sorting plants separate waste into different materials, thus meeting the requirements to ensure that the reusable materials are optimally recycled.

This trip tied in with a site visit at Kunststoffrecycling GmbH in Grünstadt, one of the most innovative recycling companies in Europe.

The company is conducting targeted research with regard to further areas of use for recycled materials. Material-based recycling, in conjunction with the latest concepts, can contribute to a reduction in primary raw material consumption. With the aid of highly complex plants, various types of waste can be treated via a versatile disposal network and transformed into high-quality ground material, regranulate material and compounds which are then returned to the cycle.

What have we learned?

Up to 97% of packaging waste can be recycled. A good waste sorting system forms the basis for the recycling process. Conscious separation of waste may motivate ourselves and others to take a responsible and resource-friendly approach to the environment.

Equipped with this awareness, every single one of us can make an important contribution to making a circular economy out of the value chain.